February 4, 2023

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They say that teachers are important to our society because they help train, teach and transmit knowledge, and some are able to earn the respect of their students. Such is the case with Professor Julio Castro For acting in one movement . It all happened in Los Angeles, California ()

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Julio Castro He teaches high school math Eula Boys. The author lives in the Santa Clarita Valley It takes four hours to go to school According to the newspaper He doesn’t have a car, so he uses a scooter and the bus every week.

A great crusade

Following that line, Castro He wakes up at 4 am and returns home at 9 pm. A day student Joshua Jerendash The author finds himself looking at a collection of cars Google I hope to find something convenient $1,500.

When students learned the story of the Peru-born teacher, they raised funds to help him. After raising close to $30,000, they made the purchase 2019 Mazda 3 Blue Color. Even if the car is already used, it has a one-year warranty.

Teacher Julio Castro received a car from his students. (Photo: ABC7 | YouTube)

Surprise at school

Once they bought it, the boys threw a party to present the teacher with his new car. “She skips lunch and stays after class to meet a student. It also helps students who are not in their classes. He is very committed to our future. Jerendash said.

For its part, Castro He was emotional when he received the award and assured that the gesture motivates him to continue promoting his love of teaching: “It’s not just about knowing the answer, it’s about how to get the answer… Mathematics is a skill learned with practice and dedication, and she respects you as long as you respect her. Don’t worry about the note, it will be visible in time.

According to the aforementioned media, Julio Castro was the father of a family and a degree in biology from the University of California. “I have relatives who are undocumented, undocumented, have three jobs, make less than me and don’t complain. I’m so grateful to have a wonderful partner and wonderful children.” said the teacher.

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