March 25, 2023

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Viral photo on Twitter: “My mom fell in love and got married, my dad was in the arms of a lover” Unusual | Social Networks | Other

Photo posted by a teenager Spread virally OK, user Revealed the betrayal of the father. Who even posed with her boyfriend on the wedding day.

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“My mother fell in love and got married, my father was in the arms of her boyfriend,” the young woman wrote in the film, which went viral. In the photo you can see the bride (her mother) looking very fond of her brand new husband, but in the picture there is another woman who was also the girlfriend, says Netizen.

“Then that girl was my uncle’s girlfriend. He never became important. Not in the life of my uncle or my dad, but they got used to it for a year and a half. But she was not alone. My father betrayed my mother all his life, ”Paula told the Portal Infobe.

Undoubtedly, the photo immediately generated many reactions upon learning the story behind the wedding.

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The young woman mentioned that her mother had given her the photo and that she had found it in her belongings after a long day; Now this is a trend on social networks.

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