May 29, 2023

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A unique story that is viral. Play It is a hobby shared by millions of people around the world who dream of having a stroke of luck that will completely change their lives. The chances of awarding are very low, if not impossible. In some games For example, the chances of being a winner are one in a million.

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There are many who try to take the millions that will change the life of any person. This is the case of Romanian mathematician Stephen MandelIt not only won the lottery jackpot once, but also won the prizes of that ability up to 14 times. Thanks to a method he used his skills with numbers and designed himself. Do you have lucky numbers? How much would you pay him to give them to you?

How to win the lottery

Mandel came up with his formula when he worked as an economist in Romania in the 1950s. During those years, the Romanian government issued a lottery draw for its citizens, which served as a mathematician. Try to override the setting Use your talent with numbers and win the prize. After many calculations, he came up with a formula that beats him: a combination of mathematical functions Predict five of the six winning numbers In total 40 options.

After coming up with the formula for winning the lottery jackpot, Mandel decided to test it out. Thus, with three friends who joined the experiment, they participated in the Romanian lottery. Mathematician He reckoned he would win the second prize, Required only five wins, but to everyone’s surprise, four participants picked up the jackpot with their turn.

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Romanian mathematician Stephen Mandel was able to win more than 30 million prizes. (Photo: YouTube | Paul Herbert)

With the money earned, Mandel decided to leave Romania for Australia in the 1980s, where he decided to see if his formula would give him the same luck. However, since this is a different system, Not trying to predict the mix வெற்றி; Through the Australian Lottery, Mandal chose another route: to get as many tickets as possible, all with different combinations.

His formula was successful because he was able to win 12 lottery prizes during the times he tried his formula. With income, Mandal decided Start a legal investment fund Employee with a goal: Work with his formula to win the lottery and spread the profit.

For Mandela, it is important to capture the number of combinations that may be in the draw. The mathematician made sure to try his luck at the draw The prize was three times as much Than the number of possible combinations. Thus, he gained the support of friends and thus acquired a range of possible figures. If it was right, everyone who cooperated was rewarded.

Stephen Mandel once had a chance to win lottery prizes.  (Photo: YouTube | Paul Herbert)
Stephen Mandel once had a chance to win lottery prizes. (Photo: YouTube | Paul Herbert)

Investigated by FBI and CIA

His successful formula took him to the United States, where he won several jackpots About $ 30 million. However, as soon as his method was revealed, Mandalay was investigated by the FBI and the CIA. What’s more, the invention of his method led the American lottery system to change the rules of its draws, limiting the number of tickets each player could purchase.

Mandel emigrated to Israel in 1995, from where he tried to test his formula, but he was interrogated by authorities. In 2004, He was sentenced to 10 months in prison And a fine of nearly $ 30,000 because he and his partner did not disclose the real chances of success to their investors. It is believed that Mandel now lives in Vanuatu, where he enjoys his wealth.

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