February 2, 2023

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Viral TikTok | He had hair transplant surgery on his eyebrows, now they are so grown, he has to trim them | Videos | Haley Vendors | Trends | USA | USA | USA | Celebrity | Social Networks | Nnda nnrt | Viral

Haley Sellers, a young woman believed to be living , Became the protagonist of one of the most remarkable stories to be found in . She had hair transplant surgery on her eyebrows and now that they have grown so much she needs to trim them more often.

By your account TikTok (), The woman has shared some videos to let her followers know what led her to perform such surgery and what she is currently doing as a result. According to her story, she was born with very blonde eyebrows and did not put any of them on.

“At the end of my new year (high school) I wanted to make my eyebrows at my mom because they were a little wild and a little crazy. She told me to wax them, so I did. “, He insisted. “I shaved them and tried to look for pictures to do it. I had no idea what I was doing.”, He added.

She said plucking her eyebrows every time turned into a long haircut “Bad Habits”. Later, he chose to draw them, emphasizing this “High school lasts from third year to 2018”.

Who told you about eyebrow hair transplant surgery?

Haley Sellers later revealed that he had microplating before his surgery, but “Bad” It lasted a week, so he started drawing his eyebrows again. One day her dad came home and told her she had a surprise and everything changed.

“Then I opened it and it was a picture of an eyebrow and it said ‘baby has taken back his eyebrows”, He remembered. She was confused. “He told me: ‘You’re going to raise eyebrows””, Then described, insisting that despite this, he did not understand anything at the time until his father said the following: “It’s like going for a hair transplant on your eyebrows”.

“I was so scared. I was scared the morning of my surgery.”, Under control. “They took out a piece of my scalp. They put me back together and took the hair follicles from my scalp and fitted them on my face.”, He said later.

At Video viral She tells her whole story, showing pictures of her face after surgery, insisting it was too swollen. “The good thing is, I’m not feeling anything, 125% numbness in the whole process. It was in 2018, but now they are growing longer.”, He insisted.

@haleypaigesabine Reply to genuinelynotinterested Original Sound – Haley Sellers

In another clip, Haley Sellers reveals how her eyebrows currently look and how she trims and styles them. Many users TikTok They could not hide their surprise when they found out about the young woman from other social networks. They did not even think that someone could have such an operation.

How do I trim my eyebrows after grafting?

After undergoing this type of treatment, as Hair glue, You need to know that the growth of the eyebrows will be continuous, therefore, you need to give it optimal care. For best results, you should have the following tools:

  • A good brush for combing them; They can be round or mustache.
  • Use good rounded scissors to avoid eye injuries.
  • Keep the eyebrow template to achieve balanced results.
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