March 25, 2023

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Viral Today | “It’s a miracle”: She got pregnant after watching a tutorial on YouTube, and now she’s proudly showing her baby | Trends | Stories

Stephanie Taylor, UNA At 33, she became a mother because she donated sperm anonymously from a man she met through an online processor. She did it with the help of a kit she bought on eBay and watched fertility and video tutorials .

About Stephanie Taylor, 33, a woman from Nindorbe, Middlesbrough, wanted to be a second time mother, but had no partner or financial means to pay for infertility treatment. That’s how he decided to go for the application A child, A site similar to Tinder where you can find sperm donors called “fertilization partners”.

Using this app, Stephanie sought out the characteristics of a man who wanted to be a donor: someone familiar, with no history of serious illness and physically similar to him. In a short time, he found someone who met his needs, and after three weeks of negotiations, they met in January last year to deliver a sperm sample.

The man came home with a container of semen and said, “He’s kind, loving, friendly.” “We had a cup of tea and talked about the weather.”, The woman said in a conversation with local media .

The next stage is fertilization, for which Stephanie bought the fertility tool at the eBay virtual store and had to watch several tutorials on YouTube to learn how to proceed. The woman became pregnant on her first attempt and gave birth to a baby girl, thus fulfilling her dream of becoming a mother again and having a brother for her son.

“It’s a miracle”Stephanie commented very proudly that she had in her hands the little Eden who was one year old in October. “This is really an online kid”He joked.

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Her family happily accepted the woman, and everyone agrees that it was a “wise decision”. The donor also knew, and commented anonymously that he would do it again. In addition, he will be happy to meet the “DNA beneficiary” as he grows older.

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