May 29, 2023

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Viral Video | A group of friends met at a bar for “something quiet” $ 800 Bill | Dictok | ததாமரியன் | Trends | Social Networks | Ireland | Viral

Trocket’s group of friends () Without waiting for what happens next, he decided to meet at a bar to have a “quiet” afternoon beer. Eleven hours later, the young women left the company, which had already closed, and with an account of less than $ 803. This What happened and surprised more than one internet user.

The meeting was announced via video There, one of the friends, Tamara, released a video showing the long ticket created after the meeting. In the clip you can see that they ate from 26 Guinness bears, nine Heineken, two Carlsberg, seven Kors or five Morretti to ten Jெகrmester, ten Tequila or ten Bailey.

Young women took advantage of the reopening of bars after the outbreak, which they met at the Railway Bar, which, according to the user, was “the best in town”.

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Expensive call

Tamara called her friends and explained that she had been drinking at the bar from one o’clock in the afternoon to 12 o’clock at night, and commented that she had paid the entire bill herself.

“My bank account is in the hangover because I called. We will drink from 01:00 pm to 6:00 pm”The young woman wrote in a comment to a viral video on Dictok.

The registry has so far amassed more than 350 thousand breeds and 34 thousand ‘likes’.

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