February 9, 2023

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Viral Video | Alice, a 2 year old child is still learning to speak, but already pronounces very difficult words | Dictok | YouTube | Instagram | Morgana Seco | nnda nnni | Viral

Can you imagine? Adventures, Parallel Pip, Platypus, Tyrannosaurus rex and proproxidone These words would be hard for any of us to say. But for Alice, a child who is 2 years old, they do not represent a big problem, and she pronounces well that she has become In . What else can you think of that is complicated?

First Little Alice has been sharing words on the internet thousands of times since the beginning of this year. “Then it’s a queue, very fast”, Her mother, Morgana Secco, Brazil, lives in London, UK with her husband.

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Alice’s speech development At the age of 8 months, when she tried to pronounce the word “Papa”, “Tata” (Potatoes In Portuguese). Already with 1 year and a month, He started trying to repeat all the words I asked at home, it was hard to pronounce.

Alice was born in London and turned 2 in the middle of this year, not yet in kindergarten. Videos where you pronounce difficult words As a speech therapist as an ophthalmologist Others don’t start joking. The little girl liked them and, on one occasion, her mother decided to register.

“Because I had teased her before, she remembered and told me to pronounce them again. About these words you spoke in the challenge … most of them, The subject is unknown. We explain to them when they are part of an environment, but there are some who do not even know what they are. “, Refers to the mother .

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Morgana has one Today it has 57,000 subscribers, a This includes another 1.6 million followers With 2.4 million. Among them, Share your Alice videos, Moments of daily life and tips on how to stimulate a child’s speech development.