May 30, 2023

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Viral Video | An angry mother called 911 to protest the bad haircut the barber gave her son Dictok | Viral

“Too short”, The angry woman called 911 to report a bad haircut to her son. Call recorded And these pictures did not take long to form In which Receives millions of views and thousands of reactions.

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Robbie Rocco Works on Boneheads Barber Shop On Norton, In (EE.UU.), Last September 13th Monday, released 2 videos Tic Tac Toe Here is a woman calling 911: “Look at this girl wasting my day”, Listening to the professional when focusing on the mother.

With this in mind, the woman shows her cell phone and verifies that she is Communicates with 911 To make your claim: “Can you tell him to stay away from me? Please.”The woman is clearly distressed, but soon walks away from the shot.

In the second part of the video, Robbie apodó “Karen” (Name commonly described by some kind of people in the United States) Mother of adolescence, then explain what happened.

Changed to son (17 years old, according to Rocco) The woman entered the barber shop to get a haircut “Tall and Tight”, Adding that he should have one Razor No.2, Indicates that her hair is very short.

“Actually, I’m going to stop, brother, number 2 is too short.” Revealed barber person The boy did not make any complaints during the session, Too, Left tip.

20 minutes laterThe story goes that the boy’s mother came in, he was already very upset, he promised to prosecute, and he immediately contacted the emergency services: “I’ll see you in court”, He commented Robbie On the expressions of women.

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In the final part, the barber explained that, too, the police appeared on the premises, which was very annoying, so Robbie Rocco He had to apologize to law enforcement for the incident caused by the woman’s behavior. But add to that “Then we smiled and thanked them.”.

After this case went viral, Thousands of users have expressed their displeasure The woman calls the emergency room to report a problem “Trivial” Like cutting hair he doesn’t like.

Others said customer satisfaction was important, which would be taken lightly at the gesture of the guy leaving a note, but Do not contact the authorities if you are not satisfied with the service.

So far, this video is nearby 1.5 million views On the social network Tick ​​tock.

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