May 30, 2023

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Viral Video | Engineer of the Roca train in Buenos Aires avoids running over a dog walking on the tracks | YouTube | Argentina | Trends | Trends | Stories | nnda nnrt | Stories

Roga Trains in Buenos Aires () There was an interesting story when the driver of these vehicles went slowly, he noticed a street dog walking on the tracks and he was slightly distracted until the pedestrian crossed. These pictures soon changed on the internet From .

The passerby recorded the video on the way to work with a friend. They drove until they reached the railroad junction. Call Nathar (I would argue). The user noticed that the train was coming at a very slow speed, despite the clear path to go at full speed.

After waiting 20 minutes, Realizes the meaning of why the train moves at such a slow speed: it is ahead, with Tired steps, a black dog advanced on the rails.

“I don’t know where the train with the animal came from. The training was very slow. I think he followed a few volumes.”, He is asked the meaning that he is recording.

However the The sober gait of this puppy, Apparently already an old man, due to one Traffic congestion, Causing more than one person to arrive at their work centers late.

Coming soon, video Social Websites Where it will change Viral, Which caused a great deal of controversy among Internet users, as they not only moved the animal, but also appreciated the gesture Train driving, Who, above all, conquered the life of an organism.

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