November 27, 2022

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Viral Video | Failed Mickey Mouse cake girl defends herself: “Everyone comments unknowingly” | Czech

A few weeks ago, the case of someone from Colombia Bad work by one of the pastry chefs who gave Mickey Mouse cake. Through a video posted on social media, the customer expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision.

“We ordered to make this pudding, like this, very nice Mickey Mouse pudding, and look at the pudding they gave us,” the person received a cake in a different design. More than desired .. “Citizen complained. What a terrible pudding, Gentlemen!

The clip in question became a trend and was played millions of times. The news reached the media around the world and was used by internet users to create memes and jokes.

Mid this week Published version Maruris Munos, The woman who was in charge of preparing the cake that created the fun on social websites. He explained exactly what happened to Cake and how his business – and his personal life – was affected.

“I do not order like that, I will pick them up a few days in advance. I left everything because I had to leave at that moment with the pudding. My daughter, who is not a pastry chef, helped me with her innocence when she saw that I had been taking it for a long time and when I arrived she had already covered the pudding, ”he declared.

Munoz points out that he returned the money to the customer. Shortly afterwards, he discovered that he had publicly denounced the cake design. “That’s what hurt me. It was disgraceful. Everyone commented without knowing what really happened.”Said.

The impact of that message was like that His business, which he had been in business for three years, suffered and his sales plummeted. On the other hand, he condemned the threats.

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Despite these difficult blows, Munoz was able to move forward with the help of supporters who approached him after learning about his story.

According to the aforementioned media, international pastry shops, local entertainment and citizens in general have provided support to the woman. One of them is an actor Rafael CabarosoWho gave him a training workshop run by a family member.

The worst episode seems to have lagged behind as the woman used her social networks to show off the new version of her Mickey Mouse cake. This time, his work was similar to the original design.

Photo: marce_capkes

What is a viral video?

Viral video is a popular video after being shared across the internet by many through social media, online services or specialized websites like YouTube.

The reason it is shared is that it causes anger and impact on the viewers who watch it, prompting them to spread it to everyone they know, and until these reach their closest circles and millions of views.

A viral video can contain a wide variety of content, from comedy to tragedy, and in some cases, even if it is harmful, can reach a large number of views in a short period of time.