June 3, 2023

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Viral Video | Grandma chooses euthanasia and her model granddaughter documents her last days | uses

Ali Tate Cutler is a A viral Victoria’s Secret model Not for her time on the catwalk, but to document her grandmother’s last days. Why? Well, the old lady made the decision to be euthanized, by which time a terminal illness would wipe the smile off her face, so her granddaughter made the decision. Grab a cell phone to record his last days on TikTok.

too Influencer He shared a video of the last conversation withBubby‘, a gentle name referring to her grandmother, though it was an intimate moment for her, the clip reached. More than 3.2 million people shared their opinion.

Ali lives Texas, AmericaWhile his grandmother lives CanadaCountry Euthanasia has been legal since 2016It is called ‘Medical Aid for the Dying’. The old woman is tired Fight cancer It wouldn’t go away, so he decided his best option was to rest forever.

Watch the viral video here

Supports the ‘puppy’ process

“I’m a spiritual person and I signed up for the trip, the full spectrum of interests. We spent time together talking and laughing and reminiscing. It was a great gift to see her die so well.”Said the model New York Post.

However, he revealed that too At the beginning of the whole process, he objected to his grandmother undergoing the process: “I hadn’t thought much about ethics before, and this was the first time I’d ever been so close to a dying person, and it completely changed my mind.”he added.

And, even though it is difficult for the family to accept the final decisionBubby‘, they accepted her, especially her father who faced everything from an intellectual point of view.

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“She gave me the knowledge of both how to live well and how to die well, a conversation I will treasure forever” read in the description of the viral video, where the model is asked how she faced euthanasia as an option to deal with terminal cancer, to which the elderly woman said It all started when the doctors confirmed that his disease was incurable.

What is the euthanasia of ‘Bubby’?

“The initial injection makes you drowsy. If you are in deep sleep, there are two more injections. Once you get to that point it’s completely painless.”dice’Bubby‘ About him The procedure will be done in a hospital facility.

“I walk in quietly, and I want to walk out quietly … I’ve always made decisions for myself. I think my husband is there saying, ‘About time,’ and I’m like, ‘Hi, Aaron, I am here’. that’s all”Patty fantasizes about reuniting with the love of her afterlife.

Mixed opinions

Opinions were immediately divided: “It’s heartbreaking but comforting to know how safe she is. I’m glad your pain is over but sorry for your loss”, “this should be legal everywhere”, “I wish Canada had freedoms like this”There were some Comments in support.

when Most criticalRevealed: “Why do you want to do this? When is the difference between euthanasia and suicide”, “Can God decide when? In both cases, it is to avoid suffering, why do you encourage this?”

What is euthanasia?

Voluntary intervention to hasten the death of a patient due to incurable disease and unbearable pain is considered euthanasia. This procedure is supervised by a medical professional to prevent patients from suffering more than necessary.

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When is euthanasia used?

Euthanasia is practiced on terminally ill patients with only 6 months to live. Under this method, suffering from pain or irreversible physical disfigurement is avoided .