February 2, 2023

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Viral Video | James Kilzer: A former soldier in Yuma, USA, is going to arrest and disarm thieves in a matter of seconds. EC stories | The world

Three occupants rob a gas station in Yuma County, He did not hesitate to confront them on Wednesday, October 20 and was surprised by the action of the former Marines identified as James Kilzer.

According to the information provided, the two helmeted men pointed their guns at the civilians at the service station around 4:30 p.m. Yuma Police.

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Across confusing words, The killer, Standing in line to receive treatment at the counter, realized the facts, acted violently against the armed criminal and waged a struggle to seize the power of the gun.

“I was about to leave when I heard the door open aggressively (…) At first I thought it was a terrible little cannon.”, Said The killer In a conversation for the local media ‘ABC Arizona 15’.

I hit him and the gun before my key fell to the ground. No matter how fast I moved, I was a plump guy. I mean, I wouldn’t move that fast anymore. “Added.

It only took him less than 10 seconds to disarm this ex-soldier Thieves And control the situation. The other robber did not hesitate to flee the scene and blamed his accomplice, who was battling a strong confrontation with James.

“As I raised my gun, I looked at his head. I turned to him and turned to me because I did not know if his friends were coming to us. “, He noted The killer The object in question is to pretend to be a hostage.

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James Kilzer, a former soldier who confronted robbers in Yuma County, USA. (Facebook).

No one was injured and local police are holding a convict in custody Judged For armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Meanwhile, authorities are still searching for other culprits who escaped in the middle of the clash.

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The video of the event went viral in a matter of hours. Thousands of internet users have praised the courage and bravery of this Navy who risked his life to avoid piracy.

However, due to the personal security training he had in the army he was able to successfully escape from the event. Authorities are calling on the public not to take justice into their own hands as it could unleash catastrophic events.


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