February 9, 2023

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Viral Video | She’s 44 years old, but she’s like her 21-year-old daughter ” twins’: they’re so close, they even go on double dates | Instagram | USA | USA | USA | Jolene Diaz | nnda nnrt stories | Stories

She looks so young, she often mistakenly thinks she is her daughter’s twin baby. He assures that he is 44 years old and that his new look has deceived him many times like his profile on a popular online dating processor and many times they do not trust him. He was fired because they thought he was playing someone else.

This is your account , A dating app, which is self-billing “Emphasizes long-term connections between users”, Seeks to attract a younger population than its competitors Y ; However, the site reports that photos shared by Jolene herself are frequently reported by other users who believe she is an impersonator. .

“It’s funny, people think I’m a fake account, they report me. I can link it to my Instagram account, it’s helpful to prove that it’s really about me, but I did not do it because I think my social media does not represent a down – to-earth person. I.I want to contact someone.Said one from California. .

What is the secret of Jolene Diaz’s “Eternal Youth”?

But what is the secret of this “Eternal Youth” Who is the protagonist of this story? Initially, he considers his unprofessional lifestyle to have stopped his aging process over time, and says he has a lot of younger guys who continue to send him direct messages on Instagram, and gets the biggest surprise when he finds them talking. A “Woman of Four Decades”.

“Many young people write to me on social media. Most of the news is very polite and full of compliments about how it improves my positive lifestyle, but they invite me on dates, dinners or walks, but I know it is not the real purpose except to satisfy their curiosity. Do not pursue anything other than the idea they have created about me.The influencer said he has more than 580,000 followers on his account ()

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People of all ages are attracted to her

While it’s flattering for young people and people her age to ask her out, Jolene says it takes a lot. “Respect” He approached someone and asked them to meet him face to face. “Some young people have little imagination about what it would be like to go on a date with an older man, but men my age or older are very pragmatic and looking for someone to enjoy the simple things in life.”, He limited.

As mentioned above, Jolin has a 21-year-old daughter, Mylani. () And the couple is so close, they go out together on double dates to bowling, movies or even to the beach. Although there have not been any shooters to meet their expectations lately, the two are so close that they plan to do it again as soon as the opportunity arises.

Jolene and Mylani, mother and daughter who are very similar to the sisters

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