March 25, 2023

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Viral Video | Thanks to a Facebook post he finds his car thief and stops at the barber shop | Facebook | USA | USA | USA | nnda nnni | Viral

This story will shock you, and it will be hard to do it again. Unfortunately, car theft has become commonplace in most cities. Thieves All methods are known Disabling the security systems of vehicles on the street and daring to break into homes even when necessary.

This is what happened to Bianca Chambers, a 32-year-old woman from Detroit, USA, who was devastated when her Mercedes Benz was stolen. The unrest is huge. However, he was able to recover it in a very original way, and his story changed In .

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When his car was stolen on July 12 from a parking lot in Chambers He decided to act on his own to find the thief. On the afternoon of the robbery, he found his car 6km from the stolen parking lot and decided to pursue the thief as he did not know how long it would take for the police to arrive.

“This kid had the courage to drive my car In the same neighborhood where he stole itChambers said . However, although he was able to find the first accused criminal near his beauty salon, the person was already missing when police arrived.

He decided to share a post about what happened on Facebook. Immediately, his post went viral, and he began to receive warning messages about the location of his vehicles, one of whom said his stolen car was near a local barber shop. Stopped Mercedes, looked at the chambers Cut all tires So the thief could not escape.

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In the videos the woman posted on her Facebook account, she shows Chambers entering the room and confronting the man. “Sorry, is that Benz yours?”Chamber asked for a few seconds before throwing himself at the thief. Although the woman was able to arrest the individual, thanks to the help of barber shop workers and customers, she now faces assault criminal charges.

However, despite the fact that his bravery cost him four tires, he promises that he will not regret his actions. It was only after seeing this man driving my car that I went crazy. I don’t want him to escape again. “Chambers told the aforementioned media.