December 4, 2022

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Angry contractor Became On What Oh By destroying the shower in a refurbished bathroom. The reason? Apparently, the owner of this property refused to pay him for the services provided by the object.

As announced by KRDO, Amber Drook Had to pay 7 thousand 555 dollars To the company Dream Home Redesigns Renovate the bathroom. However, the woman canceled 3 thousand 300 dollars. What is your livelihood? He assured that there was no work done “Impressed”.

Truck It was revealed that he wanted to fully investigate before paying 100 per cent of the total amount: “I wanted to be surprised, I was not impressed (…) but I knew I would come to clean things on Friday and maybe I thought I would be very impressed then. So, I’m not going to pay them until I see the real product.”.

Following this approach, reports reveal it Terry James Gregory And Jordan Kazars, Co-owners Dream Home Redesigns They destroyed the renewed rain.

“I spent weeks on this. Is anyone going to pay me thousands of dollars (…)?, You see Gregory He screamed as he hit the mallet on the bathroom tiles and walls.

This video was originally shared Twitter, It did not take long to go viral on this and other social networks, completely splitting the concept.

One of the co-owners destroyed the bathroom because the woman refused to pay the full service.  (Photo: Capture / YouTube)
One of the co-owners destroyed the bathroom because the woman refused to pay the full service. (Photo: Capture / YouTube)

Owners Dream Home Redesigns They claim that their lives are in danger. On the other hand, the owners of the company reported to the KRDO, where they promised that their job was not just to redesign the bathroom shower.

“After working for several weeks for a client, communication was disconnected at the end of a project. No dissatisfaction was expressed and at the end of the day we demanded payment for the project. After that the communication further broke down and our company took a tile bath again. We apologize for breaking this contract.”.

And continues: “This has never happened before, and it’s not the usual practice. A number of projects are included in the contract, including dressing, glass, light fixtures, 2 ceiling fans, plumbing work, repairing rotten frames on her walls, and replacing the exterior door..

KRDO reveals it Truck Would have submitted a report to Colorado Police Department You confirm where you are “Investigates this incident, but will not comment on whether the destruction of the bathroom guarantees criminal charges.”.

In this connection, the woman accused: “It’s more than destroying my bathroom (…) my sense of security is gone”, He punished.

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