February 2, 2023

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Virgilio Martinez selected by Central as second best in the world: “It’s worth the job” | Advantage

Peruvian restaurant It was declared the second best in the world in the latest edition The gala celebrates the best of international cuisine and over the years, Peruvian cuisine has had a special place.

From London, Virgilio Martínez, the chef in charge of the famous restaurant, says he considers it a reward for the work of the team he leads with his wife, Pia Leone, but proves “more important” things. Can be done in the country.

“Proceed to second place after 50th place! This is the merit of the job for us. We were very disciplined, we tried to see the positive from everything negative, and we feel that this is an example of how Peruvians can do the most important things for our country and our identity,” said the chef of “El Comercio”.

Central, Virgilio Martínez’s restaurant is one of the 5 best restaurants in the world. (Photo: Spread)

For Martínez, presenting Peru through its cuisine as a country of “culture”, “tradition” and “innovation” is important because it leaves a message of “transcendence”.

“For those who think it’s not possible today, let them know that there’s a possibility to do something that goes beyond that, and I feel that it’s a violation because it benefits so many people that we work with and associate with,” Martinez explained. After the blow represented by the pandemic in 2020, it returned with its restaurants in Peru: Qjol, Mill and Central, but it is preparing to open a new establishment in Japan and do the same in Singapore.

“But we are never out of Central and we can see results because we have an amazing team. Thanks to my team, my family, those who voted for us, those who believed in us, those who supported us… Thank you to everyone who supported us,” concluded Martinez.

You can update the announcement ceremony here:

This is the performance of Peruvian restaurants compared to other restaurants in Latin America:

Country Number of restaurants in the top 50 Restaurants and stands
Colombia 1 Leo (48)
Brazil 1 Otech (47)
Chile 1 Boracay (43)
Argentina 1 Don Julio (14)
Mexico 2 Quinton (9), Pujols (5)
Peru 3 Maida (32), Maido (11), Central (2)
Brazil 1 Pig’s House (8)

Here are the 10 best restaurants in the world in 2022:

Rank 10: Grill (Italy).

Level 9: In Quinton (Mexico).

Rank 8: Cordone Riviera (Italy).

Level 7: Pig’s House (Brazil).

Level 6: Azador Etxebari (Spain).

Level 5: Pujol (Mexico) – Best of North America.

Level 4: Difference (Spain).

Level 3: Enjoy (Spain).

Level 2: Center (Peru).

Level 1: Geranium (Dinamarca).


special city

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants celebrated its 20th anniversary in London, before traveling to New York, Melbourne (Australia), Bilbao (Spain) and Singapore from 2003 to 2015 during the pandemic hiatus.

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