February 9, 2023

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Virginia elections 2021: Republican Glenn Young wins state governor election, a setback for Joe Biden | Terry McAuliffe | USA | The world

Republican Party Government A setback for the US president , Which beat the state nearly a year ago by ten percentage points more than its predecessor, Donald Trump, according to major media predictions.

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The CNN, ABC and NBC networks present the winner to the Republican Glenn Young, A businessman with no political experience, whose parental influence in schools was the central theme of his campaign and who confronted the Democrats. Terry McAuliffe, Who already ruled the state between 2014 and 2018.

These elections represent the first test of Biden’s referendum since he came to the White House a year ago. Their majority in Congress.

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95% inspected, Young’s Total 51% with over 1,655,000 votes McAuliffe According to The New York Times, it received 48.3% (1,570,000 votes).

Then, former President Donald Trump celebrated the victory Young’s, “America’s” true patriot “. First”, whatever his campaign slogan for the presidential election he won in 2016.

Republican candidate Glenn Young (left) and Democrat Terry McAuliffe. (WIN MCNAMEE, ANNA MONEYMAKER / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)

Trump automatically went to his constituency to “vote strongly” and made Young the governor of Virginia. For the next four years.

Young’sHowever, he has tried to stay a little farther Trump To mobilize his supporters, but without intimidating traditional Republican voters concentrated in the wealthy suburbs.

McAuliffe, Who was a centrist person Democratic Party, Has not yet conceded defeat.

Before the media made their predictions, even when 90% of the votes were counted, McAuliffe He intervened in front of his followers, saying that “every Virgin deserves to have her voice heard,” and that the vote should continue to be counted.

Glenn Young responded to a question from the media on election day in Virginia.  (EFE / EPA / SHAWN THEW).
Glenn Young responded to a question from the media on election day in Virginia. (EFE / EPA / SHAWN THEW).

The defeat of the Democrats did not result in the loss of the governor’s office, but the defeat of Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears of the Republican Party and the victory of the Attorney General in the victory of Jason Myers.

However, the Democrats seem to have avoided the whole catastrophe, thanks to the House under the legislature, where the unfinished re-count seems to have thrown the balance at 50 seats, with no mechanism for a tiebreaker.

A few hours ago, at a press conference in Glasgow (Scotland), பிடன் The Democrats predict victory Virginia And the winner in New Jersey is not yet known, but polls for Democrats are worse than expected.

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