February 9, 2023

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Volcano in La Palma, live today, Thursday, September 23, 2021: eruptions, earthquakes, massive eruptions and last minute | Gumbre Vija | Spain | Canary Islands | The world

The The Spanish island of La Palma continues its path of destruction, and although the lava flows slowly (about 4 meters), it occupies more than 166 hectares, destroying at least 350 buildings and one volcanic eruption already exceeding 500 meters wide.

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This is the panorama of kings Spain During your visit to the Canary Islands: We must do “everything in our power” to help the victims, “protect their safety, guarantee their leg and rebuild everything taken by nature in La Palma”, said Philip VI.

The damage from last Sunday’s volcanic eruption is significant, and Maria Jos பிளா Blanco, director of Spain’s National Geographic Institute (IGN) Canary Islands, has warned that “progress is slow, though.”

Identity: What happens when the volcano reaches the ocean from La Palma (why is it so dangerous)?

The vibrant process continues

Experts say The recession of one of the streams, which in some places reaches a height of 12 meters, does not indicate that the eruption process has slowed down (the other has stopped).Conversely, it is very difficult for a volcano to move forward as it loses heat as it moves away from the cone because it must pass through many objects that have already been deposited and cooled to the surface.

The eruption began Sunday.  (EFE / Carlos De Saá).
The eruption began Sunday. (EFE / Carlos De Saá).

In addition, according to Blanco, eruptions are more likely to occur (last night this type of event was more intense than in previous days), with surface eruptions “maintaining a constant velocity” and the rate of magma’s entry from the surface to the volcanic reservoir – about 26 million cubic meters – and outflow to the surface is the same.

There is also no denying that new volcanoes are erupting, with its gray column reaching an altitude of 4,500 meters, although the air quality is currently good.

Identity: The moment when the volcano in La Palma swallows a house | Video

According to the National Security Agency (DSN), the eruption continues despite the volcanic eruption.

At the rate at which the lava is currently moving, it is not known if the ocean can be reached, and there is no way to do so today or tomorrow.

Identity: What is happening in La Palma is the “tip of the iceberg” of the volcanic building more than 5 kilometers high

All of this led to the establishment of temporarily restricted areas of airspace in the municipalities of El Paso and Los Lanos de Ariden for greater travel over land and sea areas below 3,000 feet.

For its part, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) finds it “very rare” for some parts of the Canary Islands to receive acid rain in the next few hours and the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean Islands to rule out this possibility. Of the Balearic Islands.

Volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.  (AFP).
Volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands. (AFP).

Help the damaged

In the face of this situation, assistance to nearly 6,000 people who had to leave their homes and jobs has been successfully completed: they began relocating to 137 community hotels and a hotel in the first camp on Sunday, and employers have made bank and real estate property managers available free of charge to affected homes on the island of Sarab.

Identity: Volcanic eruption in La Palma: “activity lasts months or years”

Also the Military Emergency Unit (a team of Spanish Armed Forces to intervene in UME, disaster, catastrophe or serious hazards) will be in La Palma as and when required.

Spain: Shocking images of volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands
According to local media, a large eruption was felt in the area, followed by a large plume of smoke and the eruption of pyroclasts, solid pieces of volcanic material. So far the volcanic eruption has forced the evacuation of about 5,000 people.

Meanwhile, the victims of the volcano are moving between helplessness and despair.

It engulfed the house in Todok and today asked the Spanish monarchs and Spanish presidents Pedro Sanchez and Angel Vector Torres of the Canary Islands region.

Lava flows from the volcanic eruption, destroying homes on the island of La Palma on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in the Canary Islands, Spain.  (AB Photo / Emilio Morenatti).
Lava flows from the volcanic eruption, destroying homes on the island of La Palma on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in the Canary Islands, Spain. (AB Photo / Emilio Morenatti).

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