May 30, 2023

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A missile was fired by anti-aircraft security in the Kiev region, and debris fell on a village”, Has been reported Oleksi Kuleba, governor of the region.

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At least it’s the presidency’s dissertation Volodymyr Zhelensky: “After the enemy bombing, a fire broke out in the nine-story building“, It hurt two and others”Under the rubble”.

To him Mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko, A form of intimidation, from NATO Summit This will start on Tuesday the 28th Madrid And Ukrainian integration are likely to be discussed.

Moscow did not share the opinion. In fact, for those who have Vladimir Putin There is only responsibility for the action Ukraine. According to their Ministry of Defense, they successfully fired four missiles at an arms factory. None of them targeted the general public. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station Error in kyiv security systemHe added.

Reuters explains that this argument is included with the argument already handled Kremlin About not attacking the public. However, According to the United Nations, 4,731 people have been killed in the conflict since February 24.

Firefighters are trying to put out the blaze inside the Kremensuk shopping center and rescue people. REUTERS / State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Change of address?

The Russian study on Monday the 27th would have been unsubstantiated. One of its missiles struck a shopping center. Kremensuk, In the center of the invaded country. So far it is rumored that 10 people have been killed and more than 40 injured, many of them in critical condition.

In response, The President Zhelensky : “It is the people’s attempt to live a normal life that has infuriated the people here. Russia continues to blame ordinary citizens for its helplessness. It is in vain to expect him to be virtuous and humane”.

This phrase has a special impact, because months later, Putin was told to sit down and talk, and he seems to have accepted it. Conversation is impossible. In fact, during a meeting this Monday G7 – Integrated Germany, USA, France, Canada, Italy, Japan and the UK-, President of Ukraine This is not a good time Rhetoric.

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A residential building in Que was attacked.  The damage, according to Ukraine, was a Russian bombing this Sunday 26th.  EFE
A residential building in Kiev was attacked. The damage, according to Ukraine, was a Russian bombing this Sunday 26th. EFE / Roman Philippe

Before, Zhelensky, West To have a better position (strength), it is necessary to harden the G7 Obstacles Against Russia. In fact, some of them are already operational. For example, This is the first time in a hundred years that Russia has stopped paying its debt.

Has the war probably taken a different course?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky.  EFE
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky. EFE / Sergei Tolshenko

It is impossible to say what they are responding to these bombings – Points Enrique Banas, director of the Institute for European Studies at the University of Pura-. Will have to wait a little longer to answer”.

Of course, if this happens again, it may make us think that it is a new tactic, because blaming the Ukrainians is not so credible. They had tried this before, and then appeared evidence of the responsibility of the Russian military. Of course: if this is a new path, it will be scary, you have to understand that it was born in despair.”.

To Sandro Teixeira Moita, PhD in Military Science, There is a possibility that the alleged attack on the civilian building was a mistake in the Ukrainian security system. “This has happened before and is likely to continue, especially in high load situations”.

Nevertheless, it should not be ruled out that this was planned by Russia.

Teixeira adds: “The chances of that being the case are high. Part of modern bombing theory is the use of terrorism to put pressure on the government being attacked. It is a way of expressing that they have the ability to attack any city in the country.”.

The thing about Zhelensky, Banus says, has been doing it again and again for some time. His reiteration of it may well reveal that reports on the situation of the Russians contain data unknown to other parts of the world. But there is also the possibility that the words of the Ukrainian president will try to force his allies to increase aid.

Banus adds: “He could say that he is not simply going to negotiate as a form of pressure to send more weapons to Western countries. However, since the information is not enough and fragmentary, we must be very careful when evaluating his words.”.

According to Teixeira, Zelensky is at a crossroads.According to a Ukrainian press opinion, the Ukrainians do not want to compromise with the Russians in order to exchange territory for peace. Russia, on the other hand, is pressuring them to sit down for talks”.

It’s a context Moscow Constantly gaining ground Donbass.

Teixeira concludes: “Zhelensky thinks it will be a good time to negotiate, but You need to get precious time. The thing is, now the time is on the side of the Russians. Every time a ship from the West is delayed in reaching Ukrainian troops, it exacerbates the Russian cause.”.

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