March 29, 2023

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War Russia – Ukraine | Tony Garnett and Sofia Karkadim | UK: Couple welcomes Ukrainian, 10 days later, he decides to leave his family | United Kingdom | Description | EC stories | The world

Is in it , A man left his girlfriend for a refugee he met. The New York Post reports that Britain has been in a relationship for 10 years and decided to leave with a young woman who lived in his home for only ten days. The couple received the Ukrainians at their home in Bradford, West Yorks, England.

Tony GarnettThe 29-year-old guard and father of two said the young man It’s love at first sight after Sofia meets Karkadim22: “We plan our whole life together.”

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“I liked it as soon as I saw it,” Karkadim said. The middle sun. “It was very fast, but it’s our love story. I knew people would think badly of me, but it would happen. I could see how unhappy Tony was.

கர்கடிம்First from the city of Lviv in the east UkraineLived with Garnett and his girlfriend Lorna Beginning of May After Garnett met Karkadim on Facebook. “We’m sorry for the pain we caused, but I found an unprecedented connection with Sofia,” he said. Cornet. The relationship began to break down from the moment Karkadim stayed and started getting Lorna.Very jealous“Garnett said: ‘The atmosphere was so tense that Sofia told me she didn’t know if she could continue to live with us in these circumstances.

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Tony explained: “From the beginning it was clear that Sofia and I had clicked. I speak a little Slovak, it is not different from the Ukrainian language, so they were able to understand me in their language.

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Tony’s girlfriend started to get really jealous and got into a big argument with Sofia, why was he always with me and why are you following him? ‘ The atmosphere got worse Sofia He told me he did not know if he could continue to live with us in this situation.

“I’m leaving if she’s gone”

“Lorna was never excited enough Refugee in our home Because that means women have to go into a room.

Lorna told the person she had to decide, and she did. Tony recalled: “I told Lorna, ‘If she goes, I’m going.’ He knew he could not give up on her, and suddenly it seemed like a thing.

“We packed up and went to my parents’ house, ”Garnett said. He said the new happy couple has already started Search the apartment. Someone close to Lorna said he was “extinct.”

Tony told The Sun of his idea Help refugees “I started with my simple desire to do the right thing, to put a roof over the head of someone who needs a man or a woman (…) I wanted to do the right thing and she became the first person. For those who want to treat refugees contact me after I join the Facebook groups,” he said. Told the British newspaper.

He added: “My grandfather fled Russia to start a new life in the UK 60 years ago and he could never have started a new life without the help of others (…) If we invade, we expect other countries in the world to intervene to help us. But there was an unexpected turn of events. “

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“He was with Tony for 10 years and within 10 days his family split up,” said someone close to Lorna.