December 4, 2022

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War Russia – Ukraine | With or without money: Now that Moscow takes Luhansk, which direction will the conflict go? | Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky Donbas | Donetsk | the world

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Last Sunday, the Ukrainian army announced its withdrawal Lysisansk, finally giving the region. The next day, the Russian President Vladimir Putin Conquered units must rest”Increase their combat skills”, while the rest of the military will continue with the plans.

Actually, the latter is what happens. Bombings continue today Donbass In eastern Ukraine, “Mining and Industrial Basin“Separatist Territories Donetsk Y LuhanskThis is very interesting The Kremlin-, especially in the city SlovianskIts mayor has already condemned the violence.

Burgomaster, Vadim LiakThrough it he addressed his 100,000 neighbors Facebook. “Everyone take shelter”, he warned.

Gramadorsk,”Regional Administrative Centre”, has also been attacked.

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Reference image from 2014. Imperial Russian flag as part of a march in Moscow in support of the Donetsk and Luhansk Independent Republics. AFP / Dmitry Serebryakov

Open the money faucet

Not all will be happy Moscow. According to the EFE organization, the President Vladimir Putin would have ordered his forces to stand down”According to a document by the American Institute of War Experts Committee, to reorganize”.

Because of the supposed rest for the forces taken LysisanskThere would have been a way to protect it.”As regular complaints circulate in Russia about the treatment of Russian soldiers, the well-being of its troops”.

should be added to that equation Russian House of Representatives (Duma) “The Government has approved the bill today.Special economic activities“for”Counter Terrorism and other activitiesoutside its boundaries. Putin’s war will be very expensive, and because of the sanctions against the country.

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Thanks for this move, Putin.”Consider activities at all levels, from federated institutions to local self-government bodies and organizations”. This includes adapting Labor Act What’s Included”Procedures and conditions for grant of leave outside working hours, night, holidays and annual leave with pay”. The reserves of the country will also be at your disposal. Extreme measures are necessary when accounts start emptying.

One time Duma Recognizes size in two measurements, up to Senate (Oh Federation Council) give your consent.

Putin and his cronies.  Picture taken in Moscow on June 24, 2020.  AFP
Putin and his cronies. Picture taken in Moscow on June 24, 2020. AFP / Alexey Nikolsky

An uncertain future

What will happen in the war? day by day, Russia Controls almost all output Ukraine to sea, from Gersonis going Mariupolup to Severodonetsk. They already dominate the region Luhansk And they should start paying attention Donetsk. Or will they take a different route?

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to him Defense expert and coordinator of the World Political Analysis Laboratory, Rubens D.S. Duarte, this is a very difficult question to answer. “Russia has sent mixed signals. At first we thought they would attack only eastern Ukraine, then stop when they reached the river. But then he struck Kiev from Belarus”, he argues.

Duarte adds: “At some point we thought they would besiege Kiev and break in and overturn it President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, they stopped and started retreating”.

Now they’re trying to capture it all Ukrainian coastIt is located far from Kyiv”.

The most honest thing, Duarte maintains, is to underline The risks of assuming that Russia’s strategy can be analyzed with manipulated informationA. Their plans seem to be the same until they change them.

The worst thing to do, the expert notes, is to think that Putin He alone is the decision maker. Rather, to understand this phenomenon, it must be remembered that it responds to pressure from other actors. It sounds omnipotent, but it isn’t.

He does not take decisions on his own. Russia is not a liberal democracy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be political”, concludes Duarte.

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