June 3, 2023

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“We Encourage Young People”: A Nurse’s Painful Story of Vaccine Resistance

Since December 2019, the world has been constantly confronted with progress Corona virus. Along the way, millions of families have lost at least one loved one, but the health sector has experienced its effects most closely, not just because of permanent exposure. Virus, But witnessed thousands of deaths and heartbreaking scenes.

That is the case Felicia Croft, A nurse working at Willis-Nighton Hospital Louisiana (EE. UU.), Whose heart-breaking account of his daily experiences has gone viral. “I can say that today is one of the most emotional and difficult days since the epidemic began,” explains the ill-affected professional.

Kraft works FIA (Intensive Care Unit) For more than a year, since the first patients were admitted to hospitals New corona viruses. However, in recent days he has seen aggression Delta variantEspecially young people.

“With the type of delta we live in now, people are younger and sicker … We are infiltrating and losing young people. Those who have children my age will never see graduation, ”he warns of the crisis in hospitals.

Felicia, on the verge of tears, says she is more prone to symptoms COVID-19 Those who decide not to wear Vaccine. “I can not explain the feeling of failure when you do everything. You give everything to a patient, it’s not enough … Also, he may have been vaccinated and made a difference,” he said.

Watch the video:

Even if the nurse is aware of the impact we are facing Corona virusRemember the lower chances of dying Vaccinated people. “They usually take their children and go home to hug their spouse.”

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For this reason, his call for citizens to be vaccinated is strong: “We have become a very selfish generation (…) It’s not about you, it’s about people who are important to you and important to others.”.

United States 35 million infections and 614,000 deaths are on the border COVID-19. At the moment, the country is 50.29% Of its total vaccinated population, i.e. 165 million immunized people.