November 27, 2022

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“We’re going to liberate the whole country”: Zelensky’s firm response to formalizing Ukraine’s application for NATO membership

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Zelensky confirms that the alliance with NATO is already a reality.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Friday that his country has formally applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) using the accelerated accession mechanism.

The request was made on the same day that Vladimir Putin’s government announced the annexation into the Russian Federation of four regions of Ukraine captured by Russian troops since the war began in February this year.

“We are taking our decisive step by signing Ukraine’s application for accelerated NATO membership,” Zelensky said in a statement, stressing that his country has already advanced on the path to NATO membership by demonstrating compatibility with the Atlantic alliance’s standards.

“The real ones [los estándares] For Ukraine, real on the battlefield and in all aspects of our relations. We trust each other and protect each other. It’s an alliance, a practice. Today, Ukraine is applying to do so Judge“, he pointed out.