February 9, 2023

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What are the Bonus Payment Requirements for Job Regularization 2023? Link to check with RUT www bonus for regularization

payment Bonus for job regularization in 2023 It is through bank deposit chile, So, find out what are the requirements and more information.

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According to the website www.chileatiande.cl, The Bonus 2023 for regularization of work is a Economic subsidy Non-progressive, which is ultimately provided to all users in a family using the Security and Opportunities subsystem.

You must know that they must be active in the social-worker support (ASL) process of the families, Abriento Caminos or Calle programs. Bonus 2023 for regularization of work.

How is regularization bonus paid in 2023?

payment Bonus for job regularization in 2023 This is for every family member who meets the requirements. To receive a grant, you must have Identity Card of the person receiving the benefit and executing the CuentaRUT.

This is a payment of $241,550 (Value 2022), which is given only once per quota, can be adjusted in February every year according to the variation in Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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Requirements for Paying Regularization Bonus in 2023

People participating in it Sociolabora subprogramL and meet the following requirements:

  • Being over 18 years of age and entering formal employment for the first time.
  • Record at least four consecutive contributions for health and pensions or unemployment insurance declared and paid within the period of effective participation in social-labor support.

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When to collect regularization bonus in 2023?

Payment of subsidy to those with root account Active There is no established tenure as the bond is transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account.

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About whom to approach State Bank Your root account, They have a period of 18 months from the date of issue to process and make payment.

Otherwise, it is understood that you are waiving the benefit of the payment Bonus for job regularization in 2023.

2023 Employment Regularization Bonus Payment Link?

page Chile A did not show Link for consultation with RUT of grant Due to regularization of work in January, February or March 2023. It is not prudent for you to enter any links as they may be false.