March 29, 2023

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What do you know about paying solidarity income in June? | Answers

Attention Beneficiaries ! This Colombian grant has undergone many changes since its creation in 2020, with the sole purpose of supporting families most affected by the corona virus outbreak in the world. In 2022, the government led by Ivan Duque decided to increase the level of monetary support, thus raising the fee to 20,000 paise more than the time charged. Here we tell you when this subsidy can be collected in the current June, according to the Department of Social Prosperity report.

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It was announced in May that the new amount of Solidarity income would be a total of 400 thousand pesos and that it would be paid quarterly. That is, from last May 23, this new transfer began to be offered to the captured beneficiaries. Sispen IV.

Please note that these fees can be obtained through Super SPINS and Partners. In addition, all official information can be found on the official channels of Social Prosperity. We must not forget that banking is for families Collection of this grant began on May 19th.

How long will Solidarity income be paid?

According to the Twitter of Social Prosperity report, the two-month payment of Solidarity income will be available until this Monday, June 06, 2022. Then The new collection date will be announced, which will begin in July. And until the end of the year.

Here are 3 important dates you should consider when withdrawing your incentive:

  1. Solidarity income can be claimed until June 6th.
  2. VAT refund till June 15
  3. Mayor of Colombia until June 14th.

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Is it necessary to register in Solidarity Income?

According to the official side of the grant, the Solidarity Income Plan does not handle any records or raffles. The selection of potential beneficiaries is done through the information registered in SISB√ČN.

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