March 29, 2023

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What will happen if I do not collect 2022 Solidarity income? Check Your Money With Bangkok | Check with DNPGOVCO if I am a beneficiary | Answers

When will the next payment be made? ? From May, the From then on, the subsidy will be charged every two months and the amount will vary to 20,000 rupees. That is, the new amount reaches 400 thousand pesos. Learn more about the Colombian government’s financial assistance reaching 4 million people here.

Because of the payment in this new system , Many families have already paid their respective dues, but there are also families who are still unable to take this bi-monthly payment. For those who have not been able to pay yet, we tell you how to check the status of money orders through official channels.

Do not forget that these fees can be obtained through Super SPINS and Partners. In addition, all official information can be found on the official channels of Social Prosperity. For bank families, we must not forget that this grant began on May 19th.

How to check if I am a Beneficiary of Solidarity Income

Social Prosperity, since May 2022, has published on its website all the steps you need to follow to verify that you are a beneficiary of the Solidarity Income, after the announced changes:

  • Enter
  • Click the User Inquiry button at the top right of the page.
  • If you are already registered with the Citizen Digital Authorization Service, sign in with your ID number or go to User Advice.
  • In the Access Type, select Register with Identity Document and proceed with the process.
  • Once registered, go to the program page and log in (steps 1, 2 and 3).
  • Once logged into the computer, a window will appear with the information of the registered user. Check the data and close the window.
  • Click the Draft Advice and Users button.
  • Finally, a window will appear with information about your family (such as family status, if you are a user).
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How to check if I am a Beneficiary of Solidarity Income
How to check if I am a Beneficiary of Solidarity Income

What will happen if I do not collect 2022 Solidarity income yet

If the DPS has notified you that Solidarity income collection time is over and you have not yet been able to pay this grant, we offer you some suggestions:

  • Check your status in the community program.
  • Check if you are a beneficiary on the official Solidarity Income website
  • If you are a user, you need to get a text message from the same company or authorized bank.
  • The program says, “Finding your name and ID on a user’s database means that if you do not receive a text message, you may be part of a subsequent payment cycle, which has not yet reached users.”

Check if you are a beneficiary of Solidarity Income in Pancama

Banks, which are accredited to pay Solidarity returns, often offer a special service to the beneficiaries so that they can collect the respective hourly order without any hassle.

For example, Bancomia has a site where you can see if you are one of the beneficiaries of the TPS grant. To perform this operation, you must enter the following link:

What is Unity Income?

The Solidarity Income Plan is the national government’s economic support for families in extreme poverty, extreme poverty and economic hardship, with the aim of mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 emergency on that population.

How can I verify that there is a subsidy for supercross in Colombia?

If you would like to know all about any pending grants in Colombia, please follow the steps we provide below:

  • First you have to enter the stage This will give you additional information.
  • “Has my cash order arrived?” You need to find the option.
  • Then you can see all the complete information.
  • Remember to keep your ID number on hand.
  • You can also contact the official SuperGIROS line: 01 8000 413 767.