March 25, 2023

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When actor Sebastian Osorio Louis became Andres Colmenares | History of a Crime Colmenares | Cartel origin of toads | Netflix Series | Nda NNLT | Fame

Due to his outstanding work on the Netflix series “Christory of a Crime: Colmanares”, it describes the life of actor Louis Andres Colmenares. May be recognized as one of the best actors today. To act in that role, the artist must be well prepared to finally bring that character to life.

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But to fulfill the purpose of governing Louis ColmanoresThe actor had to enter the world of the aforementioned character and underwent physical changes such as changing his physical appearance, for which he helped with makeup.

Who is Sebastien Osorio?

Sebastian Osorio He is an actor born in Bogot (Colombia), now 22 years old. He lived in Cartagena from a very young age. His father was actor Sergio Osorio and his mother Ara Maria Mercado was an artist.

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Studied film at a school New York But his career as a professional actor began with him playing a supporting role in Telenovela about the former boxer Bumblebee, published by the RCN channel.

Thanks to the continued support of his parents, the actor was able to achieve the status quo he has today.

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Sebastian Osorio and his role as Louis Andres Colonel

Yes OK Osorio One of the most recognized artists in the world of acting, because not everything is rosy, according to The actor, like the other characters in the aforementioned series, has received numerous requests from the families of the victims in the case under the argument that this form was made without the approval of the Colmaners family.

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Considering that Osorio is blonde and has blue eyes, this is another detail that gave me more to talk about when it came to what the actor looked like in real life.

To cast the character, the product must darken his skin and put on dark colored contact lenses.

What other series did Juan Pablo Urego and Sebastian Osorio work together on?

Juan Pablo Urrego and Sebastian Osorio co-authored a book entitled “History of a Crime: Colmenares”. It is a Colombian television series presented by Netflix, as part of the second season of the rights to “Historia de Un Crimean” released on May 3, 2019.

The television series is based on the case of Colmaners, in which young Louis Andres Colmenares lost his life in a strange situation on October 31, 2010 in Bogota. Sebastian Osorio plays Luis Andres Colmenares; Juan Pablo Urrego Carlos Cordenas.

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