March 25, 2023

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When is ‘Megapuente 2021’ in Mexico: Holidays according to SEP and why 5 days holiday for students and teachers | ‘Day of the Dead’ Holiday | General Education Secretariat | Edomex | CDMX | Mexico

In this case, you can take full advantage.‘October-November. According to the calendar (SEP), students and teachers will be given 5 days off at the end of this month. The end of the year is approaching and the most popular celebrations in Mexico begin.‘Thousands of people will remember their dead through various activities. Find out all the details in the following note.

Since the 2021-2022 school cycle began in August, thousands of people have been unable to use the long bridge. However, the ‘bad series’ is coming to an end and with the mega-bridge approaching in October, the good news is to be fulfilled. It starts on the 29th and ends on Tuesday the 2nd of November.

What will happen to the Mega Bridge in November?

The ‘Megabridge’ will last for five days as two dates have been set in the school year calendar announced by the Ministry of Public Instruction (SEP). According to this calendar, there will be no classes on October 29th because the School Technical Council meeting will be held regularly on the last Friday of each month.

On this free day for students, mandatory breaks will be added every weekend, in this case, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October. On the other hand, on November 1st and 2nd, the school calendar also marked the suspension of teaching because of the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations on these dates.

Who can enjoy the Mega Bridge in November?

It is important to note that the first days of November (1 and 2) are not considered in law, so the mega-bridge only applies to SEP teachers and students. Although the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, which is celebrated on November 20 and December 25, is officially celebrated on November 15, is a day that everyone enjoys.

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School Cycle Calendar 2021-2022. (Photo: Socialist Equality Party)

How many vacations do you have until 2021?

It is important to note that November 1st and 2nd are not recorded in law as compulsory rest, so this only applies to all students and teachers of the SEP. As far as legal holidays are concerned, November 15 (Mexican Revolution) and December 25 (Christmas) remain the official holidays.

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