February 2, 2023

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Where should Colombia vote in the 2022 presidential election? Check your status and polling station | Verify ID | Via the National Citizenship Register | Answers

Los This Sunday, May 29, in which millions of citizens voted and if not for the second round, they learn of the new president who will take the baton from Evan Duke Marquez. In this way, it will be clear what plans the new president will use in the future or whether the collection of economic grants – a very important issue for fellow citizens – will continue its course.

VEA – 2022 elections in Colombia: How, where, and when to vote this Sunday, May 29th

National Registrar, Alexander Vega RochaHe promised that the polling station or polling station would not be relocated on election day Due to general order conditions and winter tide. “Citizens can vote en masse at the same polling station in Republican elections”Vega announced.

Likewise, you can find out at El Comorcio And whatever your polling station where you vote in person.

Where to vote in the 2022 election in Colombia

Vega Rocha reminded that it is important for citizens to consult the exact address of their polling station before going to the polls. . He explained Yellow Citizenship Card with HologramS are the only valid document that can be used to exercise the right to vote in Colombia.

See voting table for Colombia’s 202 elections

To find out if you are part of the voting arbitration panel, you can enter the following . In addition, you can consult them on the lists published by the mayoral offices of each municipality.

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Colombians have already voted in Spain for the 2022 presidential election

Colombians living in Spain began voting in elections next Sunday, after which they relocated the country’s embassy in Madrid to the “Democratic Party”, from where they sent a message of “hope” asking for “change”. . ”.

The first round of Colombian elections for the presidency is marked by a desire for community polarization and change, which could bring the historic agreement of the left-wing coalition to power, led by former mayor Bogot கு Gustavo Pedro. .

Pedro is second only to center – right candidate Federico “Fico” Gutierrez, second only to independent Rodolfo Hernández (who many compare to Donald Trump) and former center-left mayor Medellin Sergio Fajardo.

About half a million Colombians live in Spain, of whom 169,507 are registered in the constituencies, and only they can exercise their right to vote in the country.

Since last Monday, registered Colombian citizens can vote in seven Spanish provinces until 4:00 pm local time (6:00 pm GMT) next Sunday, and there will be seventeen polling stations across the country on Sunday.

Voters who had already registered their ballots at the ballot boxes of the Consulate General of Madrid wore national team shirts with flags or ate the usual embanodas and Colombian pondebono.

“Compared to the previous elections, there is a lot of excitement, a lot of confidence. I find people very animated and very participatory. There were last minute problems with voting in the parliamentary elections, so we were cautious this time.” EFE at the gates of the Colombian Embassy. Maria Eugenia told Osorio.

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What is the new schedule of dry law 2022 in Colombia

The In Colombia it will start this May 28th at 6:00 pm and end on Monday 30th at 12:00 noon. Given that the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool starts at 2:00 pm this Saturday, it is good to point out that the timing has changed due to the Associates changing the timing.

Colombia government closes borders in 2022 presidential election

Official sources said on Friday that the Colombian government had ordered the closure of the country’s land and river border crossings from Saturday, May 28 to Monday morning, to guarantee the normalcy of Sunday’s presidential election.

The move comes on the heels of an order for border crossings to take effect on Monday, May 30 from 18:00 local (23:00 GMT) and 06:00 local (11:00 GMT). Colombia’s Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

In a statement from his office, Juan Francisco Espinoza, Colombia’s director of immigration, said the move seeks to guarantee “total normalcy” in the development of next Sunday’s 29th election day.

However, the order clarifies that the closure does not apply to traffic cases that have to be carried out accidentally or forcibly, and to Colombian citizens residing in Venezuela and holders of identity cards registered at the Glass Embassy. , They operate in the border area, in the Colombian region.

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