May 30, 2023

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Where to vote in the 2022 Colombia election: What is my polling station? | Registraduriagovco | Information Voters | Answers

There are only weeks left Inside . Millions of Colombians will have a duty to choose the best candidate for the 2022-2026 period. However, if you still do not know where to vote, we recommend that you continue to read this note.

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More than 39 million citizens are eligible to exercise their right to vote, electing seven candidates for the presidency and vice president. These will take power on August 7 this year and hand it over on the same day, but in 2026.

Likewise, this Monday, May 23, is the third and final In the run-up to the 2022 Colombian election, if Gustavo Pedro, Federico Guterres, Sergio Fazardo, Rodolfo Hernandez and Ingrid Bettencourt are elected on May 29, they will have a definite opportunity to talk to the nation about the plans they plan to make.

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Where to vote | Polling Station, Colombia Elections 2022

If you still do not know where to vote in this presidential election in Colombia 2022, enter this You can find more details on its official page. You must follow the instructions.

How do I know if I am a voting arbitrator

To find out if you are part of the voting arbitration panel, you can enter the following . In addition, you can consult them on the lists published by the mayoral offices of each municipality.

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How to experience the pre-presidential experience

Less than a week before the presidential election Colombia, The campaign in the final stages was sensational. Candidates ended their speeches in Public Square on Sunday, hunting down the undecided in an increasingly polarized environment. With the election looming next Sunday, death threats such as assassination, distrust of the electoral system and the resurgence of violence in remote areas are fueling excitement.

Opposition Senator Gustavo PedroThe 62-year-old former guerrilla and former mayor of Bogot, Still leads in polls (41%) There was not enough support to avoid a referendum on June 19. If it wins, this will be the first time the Left has seized power in a country historically ruled by conservative and liberal elites.

In a possible second round, expect a fight between the polls Petro And right-wing Federico Gutierrez47-year-old former mayor of Medellin, with close intentions of outsiders, with the intention of getting 27% of the vote: an independent businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, 77 years old and unable to enter the political spectrum. Franco-Colombian candidate Ingrid Betancourt, a former FARC hostage, joined his campaign on Friday.