March 25, 2023

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WHO Corona virus: Global cases of Govt-19 are on the rise and Europe is the epicenter of the epidemic | The world

Global cases Last week they were up 6% from the previous seven days to a total of 3.6 million, of which two-thirds (2.4 million) were recorded. According to data released today, the current epicenter of the epidemic .

In addition, the delta variant, which is highly contagious, begins to become a single cycle.

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The weekly hike was the fifth in a row, although as in previous weeks, the number of cases increased only in Europe (11% last week), which was consistent in the US and East Asia, and fell in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. .

More than half of the deaths due to the old continent were recorded COVID-19 Last week (29,000 out of a total of 51,000, indicating a 6% increase over the previous seven days).

This indicator is inconsistent, with deaths rising 3% in Europe and 19% in the United States, although overall figures are lower (13,000 deaths), with 29% (3,100) deaths in East Asia and the rest. Decreased in regions.

The United States has the highest number of weekly cases (558,000, up from the previous week), followed by Germany (333,000 infections, 31% more) and the United Kingdom (281,000, 11% increase).

Accumulated since the onset of the epidemic, the global number of cases is 257 million, while the number of deaths is 5.1 million, according to statistics. WHO.

The delta variant, which is highly contagious, begins to evolve into a single cycle variant: according to analyzes by the GISAID Laboratory Network, 99.8% of the samples studied correspond to this variant, while only 0.1% are gamma and less than 0.1%. Beta, alpha or other types.

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So far 7.78 billion vaccines have been distributed worldwide, with 53.5% of the world’s population receiving at least one dose, although the distribution is inconsistent, with only 5.2% in low – income countries.

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