February 9, 2023

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Who is Francia Marquez, the new Vice President of Colombia? Political Event | Results Elections Colombia 2022 | Gustav Pedro | Historical agreement | Profile | Description | EC stories | The world

When I was a girl, No one told her she could be vice president, and it is unthinkable that a woman like her, a woman from an area plagued by armed conflict like Afro-American and Kaka, could rule even the least. But this Sunday he won, under the promise of a fight In it you finally live “deliciously”.

The D MarquezBorn in Suarez, Cagano, in 1981, he lived a life of struggle: studying, surviving in one of the “hottest” areas, supporting his family after becoming a teenage mother, and being forced to go back to the threats he received for fighting for his rights, the rights of his loved ones, and the defense of his homeland.

Mira: How “petrophobia” became a factor in the Colombian elections

Her desire to be a movement partner of the left It brought her to public attention and brought out the most hateful racist and misogynistic behaviors of the presidential election campaign. She can take her to a power she has never aspired to, and from there she will try to make Colombia a better country.

With nearly 800,000 votes in internal consultation, he chose the Left Alliance’s presidential candidate. Historical agreement Second highest vote, Marquez boarded the train led by Pedro in his desire to lead the left for the first time to Gaza Narino.

Francia Marquez gestures during a campaign rally on April 4, 2022 in Medellin, Colombia. (Joaquín SARMIENTO / AFP).

Fight for representation

Marquez has become a political phenomenon And the symbolism, representation and tradition of marginalized communities in Colombian politics and society opens a gap to hope for change. Precisely this element of innovation in the political landscape has also earned him criticism for his political inexperience.

Many say I have no experience ruling this country with Gustavo Pedro, and I wonder why their experience does not allow us to live decently? Why has your experience exposed us to the violence that has plagued more than eight million victims over the years? Why doesn’t your experience make all Colombians live in peace? ” Asked the audience at the end of the first round of campaigning.

Marquez It is clear: “The time has come to heal our country, to reconcile with the Colombian family we are in”. “I did not ask to be in politics, but politics entered our lives. That patriarchal, hegemonic, racist and communal Colombia is the politics we want to change, “he said.

“I’m a woman of Afro descent, from her childhood she was taught to be afraid of recognizing us as women and to be ashamed of herself as Afro, her skin color, her hair and her history,” says Marquez.Now Colombia is trying to claim its heritage with the dream that you can “live deliciously”.

Living tasty is not living lazily; To live decently, to live in peace, to live without fear, to live happily. It’s young people Colombia Chances are, they can live up to their dreams, “he stressed.

Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Pedro congratulates his vice presidential candidate Francia Marquez at the end of the first election round.  (EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda).
Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Pedro congratulates his vice presidential candidate Francia Marquez at the end of the first election round. (EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda).

The activity that accompanies it

Considered the Nobel Prize for Environment, the Goldman Environmental Prize is one of the milestones of his long social struggle. The vice presidential candidate was born in the village of Yolombo in the village of La Toma in the municipality of Suarez, north of the Kaka Department.Mining has made the region a very lucrative economic source.

The pain he shares with many Colombians who pay for the sins of a land rich in biodiversity and resources that multinational corporations come to do business with. Marquez rose to prominence at the age of fifteen: he began his work to save the Ovajas River, to oppose mining, and to defend his land.

Marlene Castillo and Francia Marquez.  (AFP).
Marlene Castillo and Francia Marquez. (AFP).

Activism led her to pursue a law degree at the University of Santiago de Gaulle. From there he continued to promote protests against mining projects in his own region, which forced him to leave due to his death threats.

After a phone call in 2014, she was told it was time to “settle the account” and Marquez, a mother of two and a grandmother in her 40s, left her hometown of Suarez without looking back. “That night I left a crowd looking for my children, we asked for a taxi, they picked us up and we flew to Galle. Along the way I was only asked to become invisible, ”he describes at his rallies.

Colombia's Vice Presidential candidate Francia Marquez celebrates before candidate Gustavo Pedro's speech.  (EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda).
Colombia’s Vice Presidential candidate Francia Marquez celebrates before candidate Gustavo Pedro’s speech. (EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda).

His long career in protecting life and land won him the Goldman Prize in 2018 and, mobilized for the first time in three decades to defend the Ovajas River, he is on the verge of leading the environmental struggle for the position of Vice President of the Republic. .

Marquez brings together the social struggle, feminism, historically marginalized people and the “sick”.He continues to awaken the forgotten victims of the armed conflict and has become a kind of symbol of “change”. Colombia That will be decided in this Sunday’s election.

“my name France MarquezGustavo Pedro wants to be my president and I want to be his vice president. Francia Marquez concludes her speeches at rallies with the hope that Colombia will finally “live deliciously”.

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