May 30, 2023

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WHO: Preliminary data indicate that the immunity of those vaccinated is lower than that of omigran

Preliminary data from a crowd collected around the world indicate that the immune system is weakening. Omigron variant Those with an initial full vaccination schedule (two or one dose, depending on vaccine received) or those who have passed the infection COVID-19Said this Saturday WHO.

Without this being a definitive statement – this variation may indicate that a person’s immune system can be “avoided”.

“There is limited evidence to date and its effectiveness or efficacy has not been reviewed Omigran vaccine“, The organization points out in the update of the information gathered on this issue, which is at the center of concerns around the world.

The WHO On the other hand, he pointed out that the evidence for the benefits of Omigran is much stronger compared to the delta variant, because in countries where local exchange of the former has been detected, cases double in 1.5. For 3 days.

Ómicron in 89 countries

Omigron Is spreading rapidly in countries With a high immunization population It is not yet clear whether this is due to immunosuppression, as it is highly contagious or a combination of two factors, according to the data.

“In the light of current data, Omigron will perform better than Delta in social exchange scenarios,” he said. WHO.

Omigron It has been detected in 89 countries so far, and the threat it poses will emerge when scientists confidently answer a number of key questions, such as what is its spread, how well current vaccines or previous infections work. Govt protects against infection, spread, serious illness or death. (EFE)

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