May 30, 2023

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Who was the son of ‘Punchshir’s Lion’, the leader who waged war against the Taliban?

Ahmed Shah Masood, Known as ‘Punchshir’s Lion’, A mythical guerrilla who led a jihadi uprising against the state Afghanistan, The Soviet group that supported him, and later, against the Taliban. Three decades later, your son wants to deal with this Taliban, Gathering loyal forces at the place where his father operated.

Despite the surprisingly rapid progress Insurgents —In the few days it occupied the main centers AfghanistanOne of the country’s provinces is not under its control – including its capital, Kabul. It is a mountainous Panjir in the northeast of Kabul, which has historically served as a stronghold against all sorts of invaders.

There, one of the leaders of the Afghan Mujahideen rebels was born and operated successfully. Ahmed Shah Masood. First, against the federal government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and the Soviet team that came to rescue them between 1979 and 1989; Then against the Taliban movement that came to power in 1996 after the Afghan civil war.

His assassination took place on September 9, 2001, 2 days before the 9/11 attacks United States. Today, your son, Ahmed Masood |, Has become a symbol of anti-Taliban resistance and its top spokesperson before the international community.

From the beginning of the US withdrawal and the fall of Kabul Panjshir Valley The forces are ready to face them again. Emirati Media National confirms that former members of The Afghanistan Army traveled to the area with helicopters, armored vehicles and the country’s former special forces.

For his part, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, Has confirmed that an opposition already exists. The Taliban have not yet taken control of the whole of Afghanistan. There are reports of a situation in the Banshir Valley where opposition forces of former Afghan Vice President Mr Saleh and Ahmed Masood have been concentrated.

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Ahmed Masood, Leader of the National Opposition Front Afghanistan, Promised that opposition forces would respond if the Taliban tried to gain control of them. “If the Taliban fighters get angry, they will definitely face our fierce opposition.” Masood told the Al Arabiya channel.

On the other hand, he warned that a war situation was “inevitable” if the Taliban refused to negotiate. According to Masood, Afghanistan It must have a comprehensive administration that includes the Taliban.

The Son of ‘Lion of Punchshir’The 32-year-old promised to forgive the rebels for killing his father, which happened just days before the 9/11 attacks, if opposition groups and rebels reached an agreement.

This week, the leader of the anti-Taliban movement called on the people of the country to change their position, a week before the Taliban captured most of the area and entered Kabul.

On Sunday, hundreds of Taliban militants marched in the direction Valle Panshir, One of the few fields Afghanistan Authorities there refuse to follow his instructions, the panel said.

“Hundreds of Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate are heading to Banshir province to control it as local government officials peacefully refuse to hand it over,” the group wrote on its Arab Twitter account.

With information from Sputnik News, EFE, AFP and RT.