February 9, 2023

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Will unity income be available in 2023? Answers to see if you still have access to this cash assistance according to Social Welfare

The Colombia’s Department of Social Development (TPS) seeks to benefit the most vulnerable families in the country with a bimonthly grant. Company Director, Cielo Rusinque confirmed the Solidarity Income program Discontinued in 2023: “The subsidy was given to mitigate its effects within the framework of epidemics, we had limited resources and the previous government had made it available until December 31, and that was the only transfer that would end.”.

However, other social programs like Active families or active youth They will continue as usual. for now, From social prosperity, they hope to reorganize existing schemes, Establishing people-in-need budgeting and access patterns.

It should be noted that to create the list of beneficiaries of Unity Income, the data recorded by the institutions: Department of Social Welfare, Sisban, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance were taken into account. The selection was made by Department of National Planning (DNP).

President Gustavo Pedro indicated that he is seeking to benefit mothers who are heads of households with a bonus of $500,000 per month this 2023. However, specific details of the proposal are not known.

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Unity Income Beneficiaries:

To check whether a person is a beneficiary of the scheme, you first need to register on Unity Income website and then you need to do the following steps:

  • Enter the website
  • Click on the “User Query” button.
  • Enter the following information: document type, document number, first name, first last name, and date the document was issued.
  • Click the “I’m not a robot” box to verify it’s not a cybercriminal.
  • Then click the “Query” button. The system will ask if you want to verify your beneficiary status with the document number entered, which you must accept.
  • Finally, the tab will expand and information confirming whether you are a beneficiary, the name and institution or mode from which you will receive monthly payments will appear.

Last payment of Solidarity income in 2022

According to a release by Twitter for Community Prosperity, The payment process started from last December 7 Households that are part of group A Sisbén IV and value-adjusted old households and December 15They will start getting paid Older unbanked households.

Amount paid for SOLIDARITY income

Those who meet all the requirements for the benefit will receive an additional $500,000 in support as part of the Solidarity Income, Families in Action and Youth Action Plans. 2 million families will be in a situation of extreme poverty, mostly, the heads of the families are mothers who will benefit from this measure.

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