March 25, 2023

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Wuhan Corona virus: Govit-19 returns to Chinese city after 14 months and tests ordered on all population | Delta Variation | The world

, An infectious Chinese city , Records a new eruption of Govt-19 cases, for which the authorities decided to test all the population.

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It’s been over a year since it started Govit-19 Disappeared from the streets WuhanThe city has a population of 11 million.

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This Monday, three new cases Govit-19, Affected by the eruption of the delta variant that appeared last month in the east of the country. Cases registered in the city last May 2020.

This resurgence of the epidemic is a severe blow Wuhan, Is the first city in the world to be isolated by Govit-19, As of January 23, 2020 and for 76 days.

After defeating the virus, its people took pride in living in “the safest city in the world”, compared to the effects of an epidemic that killed more than 4 million people on the planet.

The city on the Yangtze River “is rapidly launching PCR tests for all residents,” senior local official Li Tao told reporters at a news conference.

Seven migrant workers in the city were diagnosed with infections, four of whom showed no signs of illness.

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China, Which practically eliminated the epidemic in the spring of 2020, has recorded a re-emergence of the virus on a large scale for the past few years after a few weeks.

With more than 400 infections since mid-July, this increase in pollution is, however, very low compared to figures recorded in other countries.

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But the last source of the epidemic is important in terms of geographical expansion, as it includes a dozen provinces and the capital, Beijing, which on Sunday urged its people not to leave the city except for compelling reasons.

Faced with the risk of a recurrence of the epidemic, the government is seeking an arsenal of radical measures to be used in early 2020: imprisonment, limitation of movements, mass testing.

This Tuesday, China The Nanjing (East) Airport reported 61 local infections with the eruption of the fast-spreading delta variant that reached dozens of cities after a series of outbreaks among workers.

The population of this city of nine million people has already been tested twice, and a third campaign is currently underway.

Yangzhou, an eastern city of 1.3 million people near Nanjing, ordered its residents to stay home after 40 new infections were detected in a single day.

A person can only go out once a day for a family to shop.

The announcement affected more than two million people after Zhangjiajie, a tourist town in central Hunan province, and neighboring Zhuzhou issued similar orders in recent days.

Officials acknowledged that there were many vaccinated people among the affected population, raising fears about the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines, which is unique to the Asian company.

Since last year, China has distributed more than 1.65 billion Govt-19 vaccines.

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