March 29, 2023

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YouTube virus: farmer refuses to sell his land to real estate and now harvests between house towers

Story Michael Myslowski, Became a country man Virus Ann Social media What Web light. Because he knew he was working the land in the middle of a department campus in his hometown Poland.

As announced Daily Mail, Refused to sell a portion of his land located in the town of Myslovsky Laplin For a real estate company that builds apartment towers and wants to be surrounded by grass and lush fields instead of large-scale concrete.

“People are fine. They understand that I have work to do. Come and make videos. The kids are happy too. There is no problem with that, ”he said. Myslowski.

A few years ago, a construction company contacted the owners of every field in the area and offered to buy their land. However, Michael He did not want to sell his land. As construction progressed, his field remained intact amid the pressure of the pavement and merchants, which did not affect his determination.

Today, the farmer drives his tractor between industrial buildings. Contrary to what one might think, residents do not misunderstand this luxurious coexistence between rural and urban areas.

Reported in Social media, Children enjoy seeing the fields in front of their windows. In general, residents in the neighborhood do not seem to be annoyed by the strange postcard.

The farmer records that his dogs surprisingly went out to play on the field

Ann Dictoc A video was played Pack. Domestic animals captivated thousands of netizens with an extraordinary dynamic that took place at an animal training farm in the United States.

In the shared clip Awn Savnetox, User account with core moments, was able to see how the man used his cell phone animals. He captured the line to free the dogs so they could rest while running out in the field. Because of the excitement of playing, how is the most remarkable thing Reefs In a bumpy race they collide with each other.

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