February 9, 2023

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YouTube virus: Passengers decide to drive the bus after noticing the driver is drunk

One Passengers That’s one Bus Intermediate traffic in Bolivia He was forced to take control of the unit when he discovered the driver and his co-pilot were intoxicated. Distinctive story shared in it Web light It was various successes Social media.

“We came to Kamarko, the driver is no longer (can not drive), he is not in a normal condition,” said Efron Quispe, driver of the transport section that covers the La Paz – Tarija route.

The driver and co-pilot of the San Roque bus are already being investigated by authorities. Meanwhile, the passengers expressed their displeasure that the journey would end in a tragedy. “We are not cargo,” one of them pleaded guilty.

Citizen Bolivian Praised for his actions in Web light And others Social media. The man said he had experience driving heavy vehicles and that it helped him deal with a dangerous situation.

Other viruses

The thief tries to rob a van, but no passengers pay attention

A security camera installed in a public transport vehicle captured the moment of the climb with the aim of attacking a criminal moving passenger. Images captured in Mexico City went viral Web light.

The recording begins with the thief opening the van’s sliding door and then threatening the occupants. However, instead of being afraid, they did not pay much attention to the man’s demands.

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The bus driver trapped the passengers to vote

In these 2021 elections, there have been dozens of interesting events that have caught the attention of Peruvians. Among them, a public transport driver who turned upside down Facebook For abandoning his passengers and running to his polling station.

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In a hurry to go to the polls on June 6 election day, the man entered the Cincinnati Roca Stadium for a few minutes and was stuck for a few minutes fulfilling his duty of selecting his candidate to occupy the presidency of Peru.

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The bus driver stands on the highway to retrieve the stray dog

By Facebook Some pictures were shared about a man’s resemblance action with a stray dog ​​on a high traffic highway. The bus driver, who was seen speeding on a track in Hong Bangkok (Thailand), did not hesitate to stop it to save his vehicle from a tragic end.

The protagonist of this new clip, which has touched the hearts of thousands of Netizens, is Dwayne Prime Minister, a bus company driver who has won palms on social networks.

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The bus driver did not let the dog inside as there was no face shield

A bus driver went viral on social networks after calling the attention of a puppy who wanted to get in the vehicle. The problem is, the animal does not wear a mask or face shield. The driver recorded this moment and the video was released Dictoc.

The dog was in front of the bus door, and the driver, identified as Carlos Sotomayor at the time, asked him: “Sir, is that your face?” Then he adds: “Where is your mask? Your face, please. This is mandatory (use them on public transportation). Hey, use your mask and face. “

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